YEMEN Press Agency

Child rights committee condemns coalition’s threats to target civil buildings in Sanaa

SANAA, Feb. 13 (YPA) – The Coordination Committee of Yemeni Non-Governmental Organizations for Child Rights Care on Sunday condemned the threats of the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition to target residential buildings and civilians in Sanaa.

The committee stressed, in a statement, that these threats reveal the brutality of the coalition and its continuation in committing large-scale violations of the international humanitarian law, which prohibit and criminalize targeting civilians and civil objects and consider that war crimes and crimes against humanity that do not have a statute of limitations.

The statement condemned the continued shameful silence of the international community towards the massacres committed by the coalition countries in Yemen.

The committee called for the formation of an independent international commission to investigate the crimes of the coalition committed against children and civilians in Yemen, and to allow the perpetrators to be tried before the international criminal justice system.