YEMEN Press Agency

UAE abandons first armed formation it established in Yemen

SHABWA, Feb. 08 (YPA) – The financial department of the so-called “Shabwani Elite” forces funded by the UAE in Shabwa province has written off nearly half of the “elite” recruits from the financial statements, media sources said on Monday.

This came after the overthrow of the province’s former governor affiliated with Islah Party, Mohammed Saleh bin Adyo, and the appointment of the member of the General People’s Congress Party, Awad Al-Wazir, instead of him.

The sources reported that hundreds of the “Shabwani Elite” members were surprised to have their names deleted from the Emirati financial statements under the pretext of absence and non-attendance, and they described these measures as a preemptive step to abandon them.

The UAE replaced the “Shabwani Elite” militia with the so-called “Shabwa Defense” forces, which were brought from ‘Qarat al-Fariss’ camp, located between Hadramout and Shabwa provinces, and led by Wajdi Baoum Al-Khulaifi.