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UAE allots 10 million dirhams to blow up situation in Mahra

MAHRA, Feb. 07 (YPA) – UAE has allocated about 10 million dirhams to blow up the situation of Mahra province, east of Yemen.

According to local sources, the UAE established an operations room on Socotra Island with the goal of detonating the situation in the province, bordering with the Sultanate of Oman.

The UAE had approved giving the amount to the leader, Abdullah Issa bin Afrar, who will work heard to incite against the Hadi governor, Bin Yasir, and to reproduce the experience of the “Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia’s control of the city of Hadibo in June 2020.

The sources confirmed “that Emirati officers are running a team to overthrow the authorities of the governor, through the leader bin Afrar, who arrived on the island during the past few days to the island from Abu Dhabi.

The Emirati conspiracy cell in Mahra is working in coordination with the head of the “Hadi government,”Moein Abdulmalik Saeed al-Wahsh, who is implementing the Emirati agenda in Yemen.

This came after the leadership of the anti-foreign sit-in committee represented by Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizi in January thwarted Emirati-Saudi military moves to control over Al Ghaydah city, the capital of the province, led by the so-called Chief of Staff of Al Ghaydah Axis, Faisal Al-Matari, and commander of the Military Police, Mohsen Ali Nasser Mursa, in coordination with British forces located at the airport.

Last month, Al-Huraizi had warned the “STC” militia against playing with fire, confirming the readiness of the people of the province’s tribes for confrontations.

The former Minister of Transport in the Saudi-exiled Hadi government, Saleh al-Jabwani, considered that Al Ghaydah airport had turned into a suspicious area for plotting against al-Mahra, led by Haitham Qassem Taher.