YEMEN Press Agency

Islah militia in Abyan threaten to revolt against Hadi government

ABYAN, Feb. 05 (YPA) – Security units affiliated with Islah party in Abyan province have rejected the policy of persecution and starvation practiced against them by the Interior Ministry of Hadi’s government after refusing to hand over their salaries arrears nearly for two years, well-informed sources reported on Saturday.

The sources said that about 1,200 officers and individuals of the special security forces in Abyan have not received any salaries for about two years, threatening to declare rebellion and defect from the so-called “ legitimacy” Muslim Brotherhood, which is starving them and kneeling them provocatively.

Moreover, the sources indicated that the officers and soldiers said that they had suffered a lot as a result of the interruption of their monthly salaries following battles between the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council  (STC)’s  militias  and Hadi and Islah forces.

According to the sources, soldiers and officers were subjected to large and continuous deductions from their salaries on the pretext of losing their weapons during battles with the STC forces about two years ago.