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Press conference in Sanaa reveals coalition crime in Libyan neighborhood

SANAA, Jan. 19 (YPA) – Ministry of Human Rights, with the participation of the Health Ministry and several civil organizations, held a press conference on Wednesday in front of the Saudi-led coalition crime scene in the residential Libyan city in the capital Sanaa.

The press conference exposed the allegations of the coalition and called for the formation of an independent international commission to investigate the coalition’s crimes against humanity.

The Acting Minister of Human Rights, Ali Al-Dailami, addressed the media correspondents saying “We invited you to attend to see the military targets claimed by the coalition, and we found nothing but this breastfeeding of a child.”

“We had hoped that the feelings of the Secretary-General of the United Nations would move to stop the war and the killing of children and women,” Al-Dailami said, holding the United Nations responsible for what is happening in Yemen.

In turn, Ahmed Abu Hamra, head of the Eye of Humanity Center, confirmed that the crime committed in the Libyan city was not the first crime committed by the coalition in the capital Sanaa, explaining that the coalition had committed more than 200 crimes.

A statement by human rights organizations, read by Ali Al-Jalaei, expressed the organizations’ astonishment at the silence of the international community, calling for the perpetrators of the crimes to be held accountable.

For his part, spokesman for the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs, Tala’at Al-Sharjabi, said that all Yemenis have become a direct target of the coalition, in clear violation of all international covenants and laws that guarantee the protection of civilians.