YEMEN Press Agency

Mahra’s pro-coalition governor warns of chaos after failed military coup

MAHRA, Jan. 17 (YPA) – The governor of Hadi’s government loyal to Saudi-led coalition in Mahra province, eastern Yemen, on Monday issued a stern warning that his authority “will not compromise in establishing security and stability and imposing the state prestige in the province.”

At an expanded consultative meeting, the governor Mohammed Ali Yasser affirmed that tampering and chaos would not be allowed, describing the province’s security as a “red line.”

Yasser’s meeting came after the head of Mahra sit-in against foreign occupation, Sheikh Ali Al-Huraizi, thwarted military moves during the past few days to take control of the city of Ghaydah in the name of “Al-Habah Al-Mahriya” (Mahra uprising), according to local sources.

The sources confirmed that the UAE has entrusted the task of military control over Ghaydah city, the province’s capital, to military leaders, including Chief of Staff of Ghaydah Axis, Faisal Al-Matari, and the Commander of the Military Police, Mohsen Ali Nasser Marsa, in coordination with the Saudi and British forces present at Ghaydah airport.

The sources pointed out that the military leaders charged with overthrowing the authorities of the governor met during the past few days and put a plan to bring down the city in their grip and put everyone before the fait accompli at the lowest costs, according to their claim.