YEMEN Press Agency

Health Bureau condemns coalition targeting of 48 Model Hospital in Sanaa

The health sector in the Capital Secretariat Sanaa‎ on Thursday condemned the bombing of the 48 Model Hospital building and targeting of medical staff and ambulance crews while performing their humanitarian and health duty.

In a statement, the Capital Health bureau denounced the dubious international and UN silence regarding the crimes of the US-Saudi aggression against the Yemeni people, and its continued direct and systematic targeting of public facilities and infrastructure.

The statement called on international, humanitarian and health-related organizations to condemn these crimes and quickly intervene to stop coalition aircraft targeting residential neighborhoods, hospitals and health facilities and terrorizing children, women and patients.

Earlier at down of  Thursday, four medical staff of the 48 Model Hospital were injured, as a result of airstrikes by the US-Saudi aggression in the Al-Sawad area of Sanhan District, south of the capital, Sanaa.