YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition heads to overthrow “Hadi government” officials in eastern provinces

SANAA, Jan. 12 (YPA) – A former minister in the “Hadi government” has revealed that the Saudi-led coalition is heading to overthrow a number of military leaders and governors in Hadramout and Mahra provinces.

The former Minister of Transport in the “Hadi government” Saleh Al-Jabwani confirmed, in a post on “Facebook”, that Riyadh is moving to issue decisions to overthrow the governor of Mahra and undersecretary of Hadramout, as well as the commander of the “First Military Region” in conformity with the UAE’s desires.

Al-Jabwani explained that the decisions would include the removal of the commander of the “Special Forces” in Shabwa, the commander of the Ataq axis affiliated with Islah Party, and the appointment of loyalists to the UAE.

He pointed out that Riyadh is seeking to overthrow these leaders, in addition to the governors of the “Hadi government” in Lahj, Abyan and Dhalea, to make them believe that the decisions do not target Hadramout and Mahra only, to hand the latter over to the UAE.

Al-Jabwani called on the honorable people of the eastern provinces to prepare for the upcoming developments on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen.