YEMEN Press Agency

Report: Intense British moves to find a replacement for Hadi in the coming period

SANAA, Jan. 07 (YPA) – Informed Yemeni sources in Riyadh have revealed that diplomatic moves are increasing to exclude Hadi from Yemen’s political scene.

The sources said that the British ambassador to Yemen, Richard Oppenheim confirmed more than once during closed-door meetings in Riyadh, that London has become convinced of the need to transfer Hadi’s powers, due to the requirements of the next phase in Yemen.

The sources, quoting diplomatic sources in Riyadh saying that Britain is seeking to adopt a new draft resolution in the Security Council, instead of resolution 2216 to transfer Hadi’s powers, and lift sanctions on some figures.

According to the sources, the great rapprochement between the British Embassy and Hadi’s prime minister, Moeen Abdul Malik, indicates that the latter is the most prominent figure to succeed Hadi.

The sources added that Moeen Abdul Malik’s continued complaint of corruption of Hadi and his sons is now supported by the British ambassador and a number of permanent members of the Security Council, and that 2022 will not be without major changes at the head of the coalition authority in Yemen.