YEMEN Press Agency

Gunmen blown up oil pipeline in Shabwa

SHABWA, Jan. 05 (YPA) – Unidentified gunmen blew up on Wednesday a crude oil pipeline in Mayfa’a district of Shabwa province, eastern Yemen, in the second operation in two days, local sources reported.

Unidentified persons targeted with an explosive device, during the early hours of today the oil pipeline at kilometer 133 in Al-Malh area near Azzan city, according to the sources.

The sound of the explosion was heard in most of the areas surrounding the city of Azzan, and plumes of smoke were seen rising in the sky over the area, the sources added.

It is noteworthy that a similar attack had targeted last Monday the oil pipeline in Habban district, where the pipeline extends from Ayyath area, north of Ataq city, to the estuary in Al-Nushyma port, located on the Arabian Sea.