YEMEN Press Agency

Multiple explosions hit Ataq airport in Shabwah

SHABWAH, Dec. 29 (YPA) – Multiple powerful explosions rocked Ataq airport in the occupied province of Shabwah on late Tuesday, due to missile attacks on the airport, causing it to catch fire and the flames rose from the scene of the explosion.

Local sources in the city of Ataq confirmed that the explosions came hours after the Saudi occupation forces left positions and handed them over to UAE-occupation forces.

According to eyewitnesses, the explosions targeted the coalition operations building at Ataq airport after the entry of three armoured vehicles carrying Emirati officers to replace Saudi officers who had left the airport.

The attack left  dozens of dead and wounded in the ranks of the UAE forces, the eyewitnesses said.

One of the explosions hit the gate of Ataq airport, while the other one targeted south of the airport campus and a third explosion at Camp Al-Alam, the sources explained.

The is a lot of tension between the Saudi-backed forces (Hadi and the Islah Party forces) and UAE-backed militias in Shabwah, represented by and the Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s  forces loyal to the commander Tariq Afash, in a struggle for control of the oil-rich Shabwah.