YEMEN Press Agency

Mahra governor reveals coalition’s military developments in province

SANAA, Dec. 28 (YPA) – Mahra governor, Al-Qatabi Ali Hussein Al-Faraj, affirmed that the “Saudi-led the coalition is continuing to carry out sabotage and hostile acts in the province.

The governor explained that the coalition strengthened its military presence in the port of Nishtun, with the goal of controlling the coasts of the province by creating military sites and digging trenches in the vicinity of the port.

Al-Qatabi considered these actions are a blatant interference and a clear assault on national sovereignty, plundering wealth, disrupting services and institutions, and deteriorating the economic and living situation of the sons of Mahra.

He pointed out that the developments being done by the coalition prevented fishermen from engaging in fishing, denouncing the Saudi presence and its provocative and hostile actions and the strengthening of its forces on Yemeni soil.

The governor warned against the conspiratorial plans of the coalition countries that aim to tear the societal fabric in the province, calling on the people of Mahra to stand united to confront the conspiracies and the agendas and tools of the occupation.

He pointed to the increase in the crimes and arrests by the occupation militias against many residents of the province and their exposure to torture, calling on the international community and international and humanitarian organizations to condemn the violations committed by the coalition and its tools.