YEMEN Press Agency

Hajjah province leadership condemns murder of child “Mazen Felitah”

HAJJAH, Dec. 22 (YPA) – Hajjah province’s local authority and tribal and community components on Tuesday condemned the murder of the child Mazen Felitah at the hands of bandits in the areas controlled by the Saudi-led coalition mercenaries in the desert between Marib and Jawf provinces.

The province leadership, in a statement issued Tuesday, considered the crime of killing and looting Felitah during his return with his companion from the Sultanate of Oman as “a living witness and further evidence of the moral decadence reached by the coalition mercenaries.”

The statement stressed that the crimes of the coalition and its mercenaries against the Yemeni people would not go unnoticed and that their perpetrators would be held accountable sooner or later.

The statement held the coalition responsible for committing these crimes by continuing to close Sanaa International Airport and other airports and land and sea ports in Yemen.