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Foreign Ministry declares 28th November as ‘Yemeni diplomacy day’

SANAA, Nov. 28 (YPA) – Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has on Sunday declared the 28th of November as a day for Yemeni diplomacy, to be a diplomatic station to recall the achievements of the diplomacy of the resistance and the diplomacy of action directed to respond to the lies of the countries of aggression and their loyalists.

It aims to reveal the truth of the hidden agenda of aggression against Yemen and towards achieving self and joint sustainable development diplomacy 2030.

“The diplomatic front is a strong auxiliary to the military front in the face of aggression against Yemen in defense of land and independence,” Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf said at a ceremony in Sanaa, declaring the 28th of November a day for Yemeni diplomacy .

“We are proud in Yemen that we are part of the axis of resistance,” Sharaf added, stressing that what Yemenis are exposed to at international airports and travel stations is part of the aggression.

“Our priority after the defeat of the aggression is to enforce respect for Yemeni passport holders,” he added.

“On the Day of Yemeni Diplomacy, we salute every diplomat who maintained the compass of the situation in defense of the Yemeni people in the face of aggression,” Sharaf said.

For his part, Major General Ali Muhammad Hashem Vice-Chairman of the Yemeni-Russian Friendship Committee confirmed that Saudi Arabia’s hold on the Yemeni diplomatic issue in the past has had a devastating effect with the start of the aggression and the absence of the Yemeni voice to explain the truth of what is happening.

During the event, three occasions were celebrated, the Yemeni-Indian Peace Day in memory of Mahatma Gandhi, the anniversary of the Yemeni-Soviet-Russian Friendship Treaty, and the anniversary of welcoming China’s policy document toward Arab countries.