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Al-Okaimi: Saudi Arabia establishes Yemeni army to defend its southwestern border

SANAA, Nov. 25 (YPA) – A top leader loyal to Saudi-led coalition and  governor of Jawf in  Hadi government, Sheikh Amin al-Okaimi, who lives in Turkey, admitted that Saudi Arabia had established a Yemeni army to defend its southwestern border.

Sheikh Amin al-Okaimi said Saudi Arabia has attracted thousands of  Yemeni recruits and lured them with money to establish an army of to defend its southwestern border, which is part of the coalition’s “fifth and sixth” military regions.

He added, in an interview with the UAE-owned Yemen Today channel that Saudi Arabia has mobilized fighters to defend its borders without referring to Hadi’s  ministry of defense, and gave each of them a monthly reward of up to 2,000 Saudi riyals per month, indicating that the salary of the gunman in the Ministry of Hadi’s Defense does not exceed 60,000 riyals.

Sheikh Amin al-Okaimi  said Saudi Arabia destroyed Hadi’s forces after withdrawing them to their borders.