YEMEN Press Agency

Mahra people announce armed struggle against foreign forces

MAHRA, Nov. 19 (YPA) – The sit-in committee of Mahra province, eastern Yemen, on Thursday announced its readiness to start an armed struggle against foreign forces in the province.

The committee said, in a meeting held Thursday in the city of Ghaydah and headed by Sheikh Ali Al-Huraizi, that “the Saudi-Emirati occupation continues its war on the Yemeni people through its systematic destruction of the economy, and the disruption and tampering of all state institutions.”

It renewed its demand for the departure of all foreign forces from Yemen in general and Mahra in particular.

Sheikh Al-Huraizi, head of the committee, said that “the people of Mahra have become more aware today than before, of the plans of the occupation forces,” and that they would not submit or kneel and would remain loyal to their homeland and province.

Al-Huraizi stressed the willingness of the people of Mahra to make sacrifices, whatever they may be, in order to expel the occupation forces from the province.

He called on all Yemenis to unite to expel the Saudi-Emirati occupation from Yemen, which continues to persevere and master the torture of the Yemeni people by all means.

The committee warned against the continuation of the economic war against the people of Yemen, noting that it is monitoring the economic situation through which the Saudi-Emirati occupation seeks to stifle the Yemeni people and the continuation of the siege.