YEMEN Press Agency

Yemeni forces launch ballistic missiles at coalition camps in Asir, Marib, Taiz

SANAA, Nov. 10 (YPA) – Yemeni army forces have fired a barrage of ballistic missiles at military camps run by Saudi-led coalition forces in Saudi Arabia, as well as in Marib and Taiz provinces in Yemen, the army’s military spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sere’e said in a statement on Wednesday night.

In the statement, Brigadier General Yahya Sere’e confirmed that the missile forces launched three ballistic missiles targeting the 1st Regiment camp in Dhahran al-Janoub in the south of Asir region, in which large numbers of Saudi enemy officers and soldiers were killed and wounded.

He added that two ballistic missiles struck an enemy training camp in the west of Taiz province, while two others targeted Saudi-led mercenaries’ groups in the Albalq Alawsat and another camp in Marib.

The operation resulted in the death and injury of dozens of local Yemeni mercenaries as well as Saudi soldiers and officers, led by the commander of the 1st Regiment in Dhahran al-Janoub, the army spokesman stated.