YEMEN Press Agency

Over 47,000 liters of smuggled gasoline seized in Saada in October

SAADA, Nov. 10 (YPA) – The Anti-Smuggling Unit of the Police Forces Branch in Saada province seized during last October 47,610 liters of smuggled petroleum, 3,700 smuggled household gas cylinders, and 18 cartons of car oils smuggled from Saudi lands.

According to the statistics issued by the anti-smuggling unit, the unit also seized, during the same period, 110 cartons of prohibited and smuggled agricultural pesticides, and 24 bags of smuggled agricultural fertilizers.

The statistic stated that 10 cartons of prohibited and smuggled narcotic drugs were seized, and 50 packs containing prohibited and smuggled “sexual” drugs.

During the same period, a total of 160 African immigrants were also arrested for entering the country illegally.

The statistics of the anti-smuggling unit’s achievements during October included the seizure of 33 bags containing smuggled cigarettes, 24 bags of smuggled “Finly” tobacco, in addition to 1,410 cartons of boycotted and smuggled foodstuffs.

The seized items were referred to the competent authorities.