YEMEN Press Agency

UAE forces leave Al-Alam camp in Shabwa

SHABWA, Oct. 26 (YPA) – The UAE forces withdrew on Tuesday from Jardan district of Shabwa province, east of Yemen.

According to Islah Party media outlets, the “Shabwani Elite” militia backed by the UAE left Al-Alam camp located in the district, north of Ataq city.

The sources confirmed that the SAuid-exiled Hadi government’s governor, Mohammed bin Adio, loyal to Islah militants, directed to secure the exit of Shabwani Elite militia’s 14 armored vehicles and a number of military tankers from the camp towards Mukalla city.

The sources indicated that Saudi-backed Islah militants entered Al-Alam camp in coordination with the Saudi forces.

Other sources reported that Islah militants imposed a stifling siege on Al-Alam camp, where Emirati forces have been present since 2017.