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Violence in Congo as new head of the Electoral Commission is chosen

SANAA, Oct. 17 (YPA) – Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo used tear gas to break up clashes between supporters of the president and an opposition leader on Saturday as lawmakers chose a new head of the electoral commission.

The National Assembly chose veteran electoral expert Denis Kadima to head the Independent National Electoral Commission, which has been criticized by political analysts and diplomats for its role in the disputed 2018 elections that resulted in Felix Tshisekedi’s victory

Tshisekedi is expected to seek a second term when Congolese voters return to the polls in 2023, and the Electoral Commission is likely to play a pivotal role again.

“Kadima’s electoral expertise is not in doubt,” said Tresor Kibangola of New York University’s Congo Research Group.

But the fact that people close to President Felix Tshisekedi pushed his candidacy behind the scenes quickly raised doubts about his independence.