YEMEN Press Agency

Russia reveals direct confrontation with US destroyer in Japan Sea ​​

MOSCOW, Oct. 17 (YPA) – Russia has announced that its forces repelled an attempt by a US destroyer to breach the country’s territorial waters in the Sea of ​​Japan near the port of Vladivostok on Friday.

In a statement issued Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the destroyer “Chafee” of the US Navy, which arrived in the Sea of ​​Japan several days ago, approached this afternoon the Russian territorial waters and tried to breach the country’s borders.

The ministry indicated that the large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Tritots” of the Russian Navy issued a number of warnings to the American destroyer and then headed towards it in order to keep it away from Russian waters, within the framework of international maritime navigation rules.

When Chafee convinced of the Russian ship’s crew’s determination to prevent a border breach, began sailing in the opposite direction at about 17:50 pm, the ministry added.

The statement revealed that the American destroyer changed its course when the distance between it and the Russian ship was reduced to less than 60 meters.