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Statistic of US-backed Saudi-led coalition losses during last May

SANAA, June 10 (YPA)- Ansarullah Media Center on Sunday released a military statistic revealing the losses of US-Saudi coalition during Last May .

The losses ranged from killing Saudi-backed militias to destroying military equipment.

May is considered as one of the worst months for the US-Saudi coalition in Yemen specially with the aggression’s, already failed, attempt to invade the West Coast.

In a statistical bulletin Ansarallah Media Center listed the total losses, of 136,  in military vehicles and ground equipment. 4 tanks (Abrams 3), destroyed in different frontlines, 15 armored vehicles and 117 different army machines, including military trucks.

In areal equipment the bulletin counted 6 spy, drone, planes. These drones were downed in different frontlines, two in the West Cost.

Various special operations that inflected great damage to the US-Saudi  soldiers and its militias .

The Sniper Unit in the Yemeni Army and Committees killed 38 Saudi Soldiers and 64 Saudi-paid mercenaries. Offensive operations totaled to 20 attack against different posts and gatherings.

the Yemeni Army  foiled  militias’45 infiltration attempts and ground attacks .

Tactical rockets and artillery shilling have a long list in the bulletin. The Yemeni Army and Committees fired a total of 160 missiles and Artillery. Yemeni made, 5  of “Zilzal 1 missiles” and 4  of ” Zilzal 2 missiles” were fired at gatherings of the invaders and mercenaries.

The Yemeni Artillery and rocketry forces  fired a total of 151 rockets and shells targeting Saudi-led coalition forces and its militias in several fronts .

Ballistic missiles the powerful and overreaching hand of the Yemeni Army  inflected most damage to the military ground advancement of US-Saudi aggression in the West Coast.

Three, Qaher M2, ballistic missiles were fired at very high profile targets.  Barrage of ballistic missiles, Burkan H2 type hit the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Ballistic missile, Badr 1, has the highest number of to be fired of  missiles.

Almost daily firing of this very accurate missile, as promised by President Al-Sammad, totaled to 11 and it is usually fired to very vital, economical and military, Saudi sites. More Missiles Barrage of Badr 1, targeted other targets of the mercenaries in different frontlines.

Two Areal operations using drones and they are usually combined with the use of ballistic missiles.

Targeting Abha Airport in Asir was done by far-reaching drones. This operations was a big surprise to the US-Saudi aggression and proved the change of the power balance in the war.

The airport was closed for a couple of hours. Finally, some areal operations targeted the invaders and mercenaries in the west coast destroying their control rooms.

Source: Almasirah Net