YEMEN Press Agency

Iran calls for global nuclear disarmament

TEHRAN, Sept. 29 (YPA) – Reza Najafi, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister said the Islamic republic strongly rejected  the retention, stockpiling, development, use and proliferation of nuclear arms, adding that eliminating such weapons is a legal, political and moral responsibility for the international community, calling for global nuclear disarmament.

“We believe that achieving global nuclear disarmament and eliminating the threat of the use of such weapons is a legal, political and moral responsibility of all governments in general and nuclear powers in particular,” Najafi said in his speech Tuesday at the UN General Assembly meeting to mark World Day of the Complete Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

He praised the meeting as an opportunity to renew the world’s covenant to pursue the full erasure of nuclear weapons as a priority in kind.

“We are still witnessing nuclear powers and some of their allies relying on nuclear deterrence, considering their programs to modernize and strengthen their nuclear arsenals in flagrant violation of the spirit of the NPT,” Najafi said.

He stressed the importance of implementing the 1995 resolution of the Middle East review conference, calling the Israeli entity’s nuclear weapons a threat to peace and security in the region and beyond, which prevents the Middle East of getting free from nuclear weapons.