YEMEN Press Agency

Islah gunmen kidnap citizen in Taiz

TAIZ, Sept. 29 (YPA) -The citizen Hamoud Thabet Ahmed’s family on Tuesday reported his disappearance four days ago from Osaifirah area in Taiz city, southwest Yemen, and his fate is still unknown.

Ahmed’s family accused one of the leaders of the armed gangs affiliated with the Islah party loyal to Saudi-led coalition, called Yahya Ahmed Hassan, of being involved in the kidnapping of Hamoud.

The Islah armed gangs practice the most heinous violations and criminal crimes against citizens in the city of Taiz, the latest of which was the killing of a person who was working in the repair of watches last Thursday due to a blast of a hand grenade thrown by a gunman at a pharmacy.

The rates of violations and crimes against citizens in the city of Taiz – since the beginning of this year – have risen to fantastic levels, amid fierce conflicts between the pro-coalition security and military forces over levies, tax and customs revenues and other revenues.