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Interior ministry reveals detailed information about “Al-Qaeda” activities in al-Sawma’ah district of Bayda

SANAA, Sept. 27 (YPA) – The Interior Ministry has on Sunday revealed new details of the activities  of the so-called “al-Qaeda” elements  the districts of al-Sawma’ah and Maswarah in Bayda province, which were recently liberated in Operation  Fajr Al-Horiah (Dawn of Freedom).

A security source explained that Al-Qaeda elements  turned the technical and vocational institute in the al-Sawma’ah district into a den for the manufacture and storage of explosive devices and belts, secret prisons, and warehouses for mechanisms and weapons.

The source said that the main center of al-Qaeda in the institute included a building to receive foreigners, and a building dedicated to the meeting of the leaders of the organization and the so-called  Abu Hashim al-Abby was in charge of it.

Moreover, the source explained that the person named Munir Bejali al-Ahdal took over the task of “Emir of Al-Qaeda” in Hadeidah, and supervised a number of criminal operations against citizens during his time there.

The source pointed out that Munir al-Ahdal is one of the leaders of al-Qaeda in the so-called State of the Arabian Peninsula and the “emir” of the intelligence organization in the southern provinces and used his house as a shelter for takfiris in 2013.

Al-Ahdal was part of the Wesab cell, which carried out a number of criminal acts in Ibb governorate, and then took over the “Emir of Al-Qaeda” in Abyan, Lahj and Shabwah.

The source also reported that Mukhtar Muhammad Ahmad al-Qaisi, nicknamed Abu Omar al-Qaisi, is a leader in al-Qaeda who lives in the Jaer area of al-Sawma’ah district, and he is a graduate of Al-Iman University, noting that al-Qaisi had field participation with al-Qaeda in Abyan in 2011 and in 2013 in Bayhan region.

He pointed out that Al-Qaisi established the Jaer camp for training in the manufacture of explosives and snipers, another camp in Shabwah and another camp in the Dhi Ashra area located on the border between the provinces of Bayda and Shabwah.

Furthermore, the source explained that Ahmed Saleh al-Dhamji was housing many takfiri elements in his home in al-Sawma’ah district and worked for the organization in the field of selling and buying oil derivatives and receiving remittances from abroad.

The source revealed that Elmir Mo Hametzyanov, a Russian national, and his surname Thawban Al-Russian, is one of al-Qaeda members and has a house in al-Nahr area of ​​al-Sawma’ah.

Additionally, the same source noted that Abdullah Ahmed al-Jaaidi, a senior al-Qaeda leader, was a former military official of the group in al-Sawma’ah and used his house as a shelter for takfiris and storage of explosive devices.

Samir Musa Ahmed al-Qaisi, a leader of al-Qaeda who specializes in explosives engineering and cultivation, recently managed monitoring cells in  Maswarah district, the sources added.