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Red Sea Ports Corporation discusses facilities to shipping companies in Hodeida port

HODEIDA, Sept. 13 (YPA) – The Board of Directors of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation discussed on Tuesday the measures taken to grant facilities to agencies, shipping companies and importing merchants for the return of container ships to the port of Hodeida.

The meeting, held at the port of Hodeida and chaired by Transport Minister Amer Al-Marani, touched on the level of performance of the Corporation during the last period, the activity of docks and containers, the difficulties and required needs.

The Corporation’s financial plan for the first half of this year, and the final account and balance sheet for 2019 were reviewed during the meeting.

In the meeting, the Minister of Transport pointed to the importance of the role of the Red Sea Ports Corporation in alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people through services and facilities for ships entering the ports of Hodeida and Al-Salif.

Al-Marani called on shipping agencies and companies and the private sector to contribute effectively to lifting the siege imposed on the port of Hodeida seven years ago.