YEMEN Press Agency

Zionist enemy forces launch campaign of raids, arrests in West Bank

SANAA, Sept. 02 (YPA) – The Zionist enemy forces launched on Thursday a campaign of incursions and arrests in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

Palestinian sources said, “The occupation forces arrested the young man Othman Mahmoud Othman Hamamra from his home in the town of Jaba, south of Jenin.

The sources continued that, the occupation forces also stormed the village of Fahma, Jenin district, on Thursday morning and arrested the young man, Muhammad Anan Mara’aba, and confrontations erupted in which the occupation fired tear gas and bullets at the citizens.

The sources added, “The enemy also arrested the teacher, Nafez Shawamra, from Dura, south of Hebron, who is a freed prisoner,” and continued, “The occupation forces raided Al-Saff Street area in the center of Bethlehem, and stormed two houses and tampered with their contents.