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Two airplanes collide at Dubai airport

DUBAI, Jul. 22 (YPA) – Two passenger planes collided with each other on the taxiway at Dubai International Airport early Thursday morning.’

The two planes from low-cost carrier FlyDubai and Bahrain-based Gulf Air, though authorities reported no injuries in the incident, according to the Associated Press.

FlyDubai said one of its Boeing 737-800s heading to Kyrgyzstan found itself affected by ”a minor incident” and forced to return to the stand. It said passengers took a later flight, which departed six hours later.

“FlyDubai will work with the authorities to investigate the incident,” the airline said, adding that the collision damaged a wingtip on one of the aircraft.

Dubai International Airport authorities said that as a result of this, one runway was  closed for two hours, but the incident did not affect airport air traffic.