YEMEN Press Agency

Media Center: Hadi govt’s continuation of flooding markets with printed money causes new collapses

ADEN, Jul.15 (YPA) – The media center for the southern provinces said on Thursday that the Hadi government’s continuation of flooding the southern markets with more illegally-printed currency portends a new economic and humanitarian catastrophe.

The center considered that the dollar exchange rate exceeded one thousand riyals of the printed currency in Aden city as a natural result of the inability of the mercenary government (Hadi’s government) to manage the economic file in those provinces over the past years.

“All the absurd policies taken by the Hadi government in managing its crises in the southern provinces did not deviate from the destructive scheme of the Saudi-led aggression coalition that targets the national economy,” the center said.

The center noted that Hadi’s government and the armed militias loyal to the coalition countries share theft of oil, tax and customs revenues in the southern provinces and manipulate grants and international aid and use it for the benefit of its armed militias.

The Center called on the commercial and banking sector in the southern provinces to thwart the Saudi-American criminal scheme being implemented by the Hadi government against the national economy in those provinces.

He noted that the countries of the coalition of aggression, the Hadi government, and the armed militias affiliated with and dependent on Riyadh and Abu Dhabi share theft of oil revenues in the southern governorates.