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UN abdicates its humanitarian responsibility in Yemen: YPC

SANAA, Jul. 02 (YPA) – Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) affirmed on Friday that the United Nations has abdicated its humanitarian responsibility in Yemen by standing by the Saudi-led coalition forces in hindering access oil derivatives.

This came during a protest rally held in front of the United Nations office in Sanaa by dozens of the YPC’s employees and its director general, Ammar Al-Adhra’i, under the title: “The prosperity of international formations in Yemen depends on the continuation of the aggression and siege.”

The participants asks about the work of the inspection and verification committee established by the United Nations, which inspects fuel ships and grants them entry permits at a time when the Saudi-led coalition ignores these UN permits.

The protesters’ statement stressed that the UN complicity with the coalition countries has helped in the continuation of piracy on fuel ships.

The protesters renewed the demand for the neutralization of the YPC, and of the Yemeni people has the full right to enter oil derivatives without any obstruction.

They stressed the importance of lifting the ban on Ras Issa oil port of Hodeida and re-opening Sanaa International Airport to the humanitarian aid.

The statement called on the free people of the world and the organizations concerned with human and civil rights to stand with the Yemeni people, to stop heinous cosmic tyranny and to lift the siege imposed by the coalition for 7 years.

The coalition forces are detaining 4 oil ships, including a ship loaded with diesel, and another one loaded with kitchen gas, despite those ships have completed all examination and audit procedures through the UNVIM verification and inspection mission in Djibouti.