YEMEN Press Agency

Scenes show military operation to control over mountain range in Jawf

SANAA, Jun. 27 (YPA) – Military media of the Yemeni army released scenes showing military operation that carried out by the Yemeni army to control over Al-Duhaydah mountain range and its surroundings in Jawf province.

The video also showed more than 50 vehicles of the coalition were destroyed and various weapons seized, as well as 11 coalition recruits were captured.

A military official explained that the operation was launched from five tracks with the goal of lifting the siege on several solders of the army and recovering the body of the martyr Hani Mohsen Salah Arawi Tomer, with the main participation of the tribesmen of the province.

During the operation, the army forces managed to break the military advance carried out by the coalition recruits in an attempt to regain the liberated areas, inflicting the coalition forces big human and material losses.