YEMEN Press Agency

Ethiopia deploys more forces near Sudanese army posts

SANAA, Jun. 10 (YPA) – Ethiopian army deployed more troops along their common border with Sudan in the Amhara region as militiamen continue their regular attacks on Sudanese farmers, Sudan Tribune reported, citing military sources.

According to the military sources, the recent troop build-up of forces on the Ethiopian side of the border took place in adjacent areas to Taya, Um Dablo, and Wad Alagouz and Haskanit areas as well as Qatrand settlement of the Sudanese Garadref State.

Ethiopian forces are planning attacks on the Sudanese army in its camp areas with the support and support of Ahra militias and Ethiopian farmers in the border area, the sources added.

Last November, the Sudanese army Khartoum expelled the Ethiopian farmers and their militias from the Al-Fashaga area of Garadef State.