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Socialist “Nashwan Al-Thubhani” family reveals his exposure to assassination in Taiz

TAIZ, Jun. 09 (YPA) – The family of the leading member of the Yemeni Socialist Party Organization – Taiz, “Nashwan Numan Al-Thubhani,” revealed on Wednesday his exposure to an assassination.

Dr. Iman Al-Thubhani, a relative of Nashwan, said that he was subjected to an assassination by using lethal injections at Al-Rawada Hospital in Taiz city, so that the assassination appears to be a mere “medical error.”

On her Twitter account, Dr. Iman Al-Thubhani published the forensic report, which spoke of a criminal offense against Nashwan in the hospital.

Commenting on the report, Dr. Iman wrote: “The forensic report that is in your hands now, which is prohibited from publication, does not say as a result but one thing: that there was a murder took place, and that the criminal suspicion is not far away, and that no fatal error can occurs in such way.”

The suspicion of Al-Thubhani’s assassination comes amid popular movements in the city of Taiz,  in the so-called “the hungry revolution” to overthrow the leadership of the local authority and officials of the “Hadi government” due to the spread of financial corruption and the deteriorating economic situation.