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Chris Murphy: there is a new evidence of UAE arming terrorist groups in Yemen

SANAA, May 02 (YPA) – US Senator Chris Murphy said that there is new evidence that the UAE is arming terrorist militias in Yemen, as part of Abu Dhabi’s plot to spread chaos and sabotage in the country.

Senator Chris Murphy warned in a special session on Yemen that Congress had not received sufficient assurances that US weapons sold to the UAE would not be transferred to Salafi militias in Yemen again.

Murphy expressed concern over reports that the administration was moving ahead with military sales to the UAE, despite evidence that Abu Dhabi is transferring US weapons to terrorist groups operating in Yemen.

Murphy urged the administration to identify the sales of offensive weapons to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and take into account some key factors, including the previous registry of recipients, especially since the records of these two countries are “not good.”

On April 14, 2021, the White House notified Congress that President Joe Biden had agreed to move forward with a $32 billion arms deal with the UAE that had previously been agreed by his predecessor Donald Trump, just before his term ended.

It is scheduled to be received by the UAE after 2025.