YEMEN Press Agency

Dozens rally in Hodeida to condemn detention of oil derivative ships

HODEIDA, April 22 (YPA) – Dozens of employees and workers of electricity cooperation in Hodeida organized on Thursday a protest rally to denounce the continuation of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition in detaining oil derivatives ships.

At the rally, held in front of the United Nations office in the province, the participants raised banners condemning the escalation of the Saudi aggression and its ongoing blockade against the Yemeni people, especially preventing the entry of oil derivative ships to Hodeida port.

The protesters affirmed that seizing the ships carrying diesel derivative threatens to stop the power stations and cut off electricity to the province.
The rally pointed out that maritime piracy by the coalition against fuel ships is violating all international and humanitarian laws.

They called on the United Nations to play its role and work to neutralize oil derivatives for electricity to alleviate the suffering of the province’s population, especially in the summer season.