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Yemeni academic: Saudi-led coalition has re-established historical conflict between southern factions

ADEN, April 02 (YPA) – A southern politician and academic said Saudi-led coalition has worked to fuel the conflict between al-Toghmah and al-Zomrah factions, which refers to the historical conflict between Abyan and Dhalea in southern Yemen.


“The truth is that we squandered south when we support the Saudi-led coalition without a clear partnership. We became followers  implementing its conditions and keeping silent over its destruction,” said Abdul Rahman al-Wali, an academic at the University of Aden and head of the so-called Southern Parliament.

Al-Wali confirmed in a tweet, that the agreement between the “UAE and Saudi Arabia”, one contained “al-Toghmah” and the other contained ” al-Zomrah “, referring to the historical conflict between the sons of Abyan and Al-Dalla.

He pointed out that the two sides of the coalition deliberately revived the painful past of the south, pointing out that six years of suffering in the southern provinces, because the coalition contained the worst people, and work to remove the honorable.