YEMEN Press Agency

Road sector losses during 6 years exceed 3 billion dollar

SANAA, March 28 (YPA) – The direct and indirect losses of the road sector during the six years of the war and the blockade on Yemen have amounted to 3.3 billion dollars, equivalent to about 1.9 trillion riyals.

According to a statistic issued by the Ministry of Public Works and Roads in Sanaa, about 5,000 kilometers of the road network and bridges were damaged, while more than 100 bridges were destroyed, most of them located on the main roads linking the provinces of the Republic.

The statistic indicated the cost of losses in the affected road intersections as a result of the coalition bombing amounted to nearly one billion dollars.

According to reports issued by the General Corporation for Roads and Bridges and the Roads Maintenance Fund, Saada province topped the list of provinces, in terms of the number of targeted bridges, which amounted to 33 bridges.

The report mentioned that 12 bridges were destroyed in Hajjah province, 12 bridges in Amran province, four bridges on the Sanaa-Hodeida road, three on the Sanaa – Al-Farda – Marib road, and three on the Jehana-Serwah road, Six in Mahweet province, a bridge in Ibb province, five in Taiz province, two in Shabwa province, and two small bridges in Bayda province, in addition to ‘Attan’ and ‘Sha`oub’ bridges and ‘Al-Misbahi tunnel’ in the capital Sanaa.