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Army spokesman reveals statistics on army military operations, coalition forces’ losses during 6 years

SANAA, March 21 (YPA) – The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, revealed, in a press conference held on Sunday afternoon, that the total number of military operations the army forces during the six years amounted to 12,366 operations distributed as follows:-

1-More than 6,192 attack operations, including 167 operations carried out during the past two months.

2-The repelling operations, which amounted to more than 6,174 operations, including thwarting the enemy’s offensives attempts to advance, including 113 operations during the past two months.

3- The most prominent offensive military operations of the army forces were “Nasrun Min Allah” operation in its three phases, a large and unannounced military operation, “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous”,”Faamkan Minhum”, the operation of cleansing areas in Bayda province from takfiri elements, a military operation in Dhalea province, and “Deterrence Balance” operations, in addition to about 10 military operations that have not been announced.

The army spokesman confirmed that these operations had led to “the liberation of large territories in which the enemy forces had penetrated, inflicting great human losses upon the enemy, destroying hundreds of armored vehicles, military vehicles and weapons stores, seizing large quantities of weapons.”


Sniping Unit operations

The sniper unit in the army and the popular committees carried out more than 54,025 sniper operations on various battle fronts, including 2,502 operations during the past two months.


Engineering Unit operations

Brigadier General Sarie pointed out that the engineering unit carried out more than 10,560 operations, targeting fortifications, barracks, vehicles, armored vehicles, and gatherings.


Anti-Armor Unit operations

The Anti-armor Unit carried out more than 6,385 operations, targeting the enemy’s equipment, armored vehicles, troop carriers, bulldozers and others.


Artillery Unit operations

The artillery unit carried out more than 59,852 operations, varied between backing, targeting and repelling, including 638 joint operations with the Air Force drones.


Air Defense Forces operations

The Air Defense Unit, for its part, carried out more than 1,534 operations that varied between shooting down warplanes, confronting them and forcing them to leave. The air defense forces succeeded in shooting down more than 454 aircraft belonging to the coalition, including fighter jets, helicopter, reconnaissance and espionage aircraft.


Navy and Coastal Defense operations

The spokesman explained that the Navy and Coastal Defense forces had carried out more than 34 qualitative military operations, which targeted the enemy’s ships, battleships, frigates, and boats, as well as port berths and installations belonging to the enemy. The naval forces and coastal defense also foiled landing and grounding operations of the enemy forces.

He added that the Navy and Coastal Defense had succeeded in detaining a number of ships that violated Yemeni territorial waters.


Missile Force and Drones operations

The missile force carried out over 1,348 operations, in which it launched 1,348 ballistic missiles, of which 499 ballistic missiles targeted military and vital installations of Saudi enemy and others belonging to Emirati enemy, and 849 ballistic missiles targeted gatherings, installations, headquarters, and centers of the enemy and its mercenaries inside the Yemeni territory.

The army drones carried out over 12,623 operations, including 1150 offensive operations, of which 572 attacks against targets of the enemy outside Yemen, and 578 operations on targets inside Yemen, in addition to more than 11,473 reconnaissance operations.


Enemy’s human losses:-

-First: the Saudi enemy

Brigadier General Sarie asserted that the losses in the ranks of the Saudi enemy army since the beginning of the aggression and until the present day amounted to more than 10,403 dead and wounded, including 403 dead and wounded since the beginning of this year.

-Second: the Emirati enemy

Until March 23, 2020, the human losses of the Emirati enemy amounted to more than 1,240 dead and wounded.

-Third: Sudanese mercenaries

The human losses among the Sudanese mercenaries amounted to more than 8,634, of whom 4,416 were killed and 4,218 injured.

-Forth: Other nationalities

Human losses were recorded in the ranks of the armies of the countries that participated in the aggression coalition, including countries that withdrew, in addition to losses suffered by security companies.

-Fifth: Human losses among the Yemeni mercenaries, traitors and agents

Brigadier General Sarie affirmed that the human losses among the mercenaries, traitors and agents amounted to more than 226,615 dead and wounded. The enemy admitted during the past few days that 18,000 mercenaries had been killed and 50,000 wounded during the year 2020, only on Marib fronts.

During the past months, the number of dead and injured mercenaries, traitors and agents reached 4,700 dead and wounded.

Enemy’s material losses

The army and popular committees managed to destroy, damage, and burn more than 14,527 armored vehicles, cars, tanks, troop carriers, bulldozers and various weapons in hundreds of operations, including 9,859 operations documented by audio and video.


The army spokesman referred that there are new missiles and different generations of drones that have not yet disclosed, saying “We are ready to carry out painful military operations in revenge for victims of the siege and aggression.”

“We are determined to take major military steps surprising the enemy to liberate the country and achieve independence,” he stressed.