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Child tortured to death inside Islah militants’ prisons in Marib

MARIB, March 19 (YPA) – A child died due to brutal torture inside a prison of Islah militants in Marib city, pro-coalition sources reported

Pro-coalition southern journalist, Ali al-Nissi said that Islah militias in Marib city had kidnapped a child from a displaced area of  Jawf governorate 33 days ago from his home in al-Rawdha neighborhood in downtown Marib.

Al-Nissi confirmed in his tweet that the displaced child Tariq Saad, 13, was brutally tortured in Islah prisons until he died.

He said Islah militias have been hidden the crime for three days ago.

“If it had not been for the intervention of the authorities of the Elders of Ragwan to find out the reason for the arrest of the victim and demand his release, no one would have known of his death,” he said.

Al-Nissi said the Islah militias refused to hand over the body of the child victim to his family for burial.

Islah militants are carrying out large-scale kidnappings of displaced people in Marib, most recently the kidnapping of eight displaced women on January 31st from their homes .