YEMEN Press Agency

Lebanese army to reopen closed roads

SANAA, March 10 (YPA) – The Lebanese Army announced that as a result of the accidents that took place, in order to preserve the safety of the citizens, the army units began to open roads.

The Lebanese army’s decision comes days after the roads were closed in several Lebanese regions in protest against the living conditions.

On Tuesday, the protesters closed several roads in the north of the country, especially in Tripoli, and in the Bekaa, in the east.

The security and military forces opened a number of main roads, while cutting the two highways leading to Beirut from the north and south caused a stifling traffic jam.

Last Monday, President Michel Aoun chaired an economic security meeting, he said after the meeting that “blocking roads is unacceptable,” describing it as an “act of sabotage”. The meeting agreed to request the security and military agencies not to allow the roads to be closed.