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Turkish army participates in coalition forces for war on Yemen

SANAA, March 8 (YPA) – Turkish Army website on Sunday revealed a Saudi-Turkish agreement for the participation of the Turkish army in the war on Yemen.
The “Turkish Army Correspondent” website, concerned with transmitting the most important news of the Turkish army, said in a tweet on “Twitter” today, that the “Turkish Bayraktar” Turkish flag arrives in Yemen after the “Turkish-Saudi” agreement in the face of the Sanaa forces.
The site confirmed that the Turkish support to Saudi Arabia will be logistical support through sending Turkish drones, participating in air strikes, providing intelligence information, and the participation of the Turkish naval forces in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia in the Indian Ocean, within the joint task force “CTF- 151 ”(CTF-151), to combat piracy, to tighten the blockade on the sea ports of Yemen.
The site published an opinion poll about the Turkish army’s participation in the war on Yemen.