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Countdown to fall of Marib city Marib began: Pro-coalition commander

SANAA, Feb. 22 (YPA) – A senior military commander in the Saudi-led coalition forces on Monday admitted that the coalition lost the battle of Marib, and the city is about to fall into the hands of the army and the popular committees.

Sheikh Hamad Al-Shabwani, a tribal leader, in a post on “Facebook” website, quoted the Staff Chief of the “Third Military Region”, Brigadier General Saleh Al-Ameri Al-Jahmi, as saying: “The countdown to the fall of Marib city began.”

Al-Shabwani added, “What we have to do today is to pack our luggage and leave for the city of Sayoun and Shabwa province, which can accommodate everyone.”

This comes as a result of the accelerating collapses of the coalition forces and the victories achieved by Sanaa forces on the outskirts of the city of Marib.