YEMEN Press Agency

Biden: In the end, we’re going to win, and I’m the president of all Americans

SANAA, Nov. 7 (YPA) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden pledged Friday to continue counting electoral votes as he took the lead in several crucial states.


“Your vote will count, I don’t care how hard it is for people to try to stop it, I’m not going to let that happen,” Biden told reporters and aides.


“We were 24 hours behind, but now we’re ahead, we’re late in Pennsylvania and we’re going to win it, and we’re in the lead in Arizona and Nevada,” Biden said.


“We got 74 million votes, that’s more than any previous president, and the numbers are increasing,” Biden said, adding, “We’re going to win Arizona with a win we haven’t had in 24 years.”


“We rebuilt the blue wall that collapsed four years ago,” he continued. He added that those who voted for him “made it clear that they want the country to come together and not divide”.


Biden said he was not waiting for his victory to be officially announced to begin work, but that he and his deputy Kamala Harris met Thursday with experts to “discuss the economic crisis.”