YEMEN Press Agency

Hadi begins military action in Abyan in response to UAE-backed militias in Aden

ABYAN, sept. 20 (YPA) – Hadi’s forces in Abyan have launched new military moves to blow up situation, said spokesman for the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s Militias in Abyan, Mohammed al-Naqeeb on Sunday.

This coincides with the start of the transition campaign to root out hadi’s leaders and reform in Aden, which threatens to blow up the situation.


Al-Naqeeb said,  in a series of tweets , that his forces have monitored the movement of large groups of Hadi forces towards the front lines and are seeking to achieve a breakthrough in two axes.


He also explained that the first axis is led by Abu Mashal al-Kazmi, the current director of security in Abyan and includes 10 military vehicles seeking to advance across the coastline, while another group led by Ben Ma’eili, comprising 23 different military pickup and machinery, moved towards Al-Tariya.

Al-Naqeeb also noted that his forces had monitored and tracked these movements.

The daily clashes between the two sides continued over the past hours through mutual artillery shelling that left dead and wounded and continued til early in the morning, according to al-Naqeeb.

Although the clashes between the two sides have been going on for more than two months without progress, Hadi’s move to advance indicates his efforts to counter the STC’s moves to cleanse Aden with wide-ranging campaigns that have affected all the directors of the directorates in the past few hours and may affect other officials.