YEMEN Press Agency

Authorities launch afforestation in Abs district of Hajjah

HAJJAH, Sept. 20 (YPA) – The Directorate of Abs in Hajjah governorate which had been hit with thousands of raid by Saudi-led coalition air forces, now is witnessing a afforestation process in all the city’s streets.

On Friday, the Hygiene and Improvement Fund in Hajjah province announced the completion of the first phase of the rehabilitation of the central islands in the Shaffer area of Abs district.

“The dust has been lifted from the central islands and 210 sites have been equipped in Shaffer for planting with trees,” said Mohammed al-Kahlani, executive director of the fund.

“The ongoing afforestation is part of the fund’s plan to improve the aesthetic aspect by afforesting these islands,” said Engineer Mohammed al-Kahlani.

The Saudi-UAE war coalition has intensified its air and artillery bombardment of the Abs district, deliberately making it “scorched earth.”