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Use of compound flour helps reduce wheat import: Industry Minister

SANAA, Sep. 15 (YPA) – Minister of Industry Abdel-Wahab Al-Dorra said that the use of compound flour would contribute to reducing from foreign wheat import.

The move came during a workshop organized by the Ministry of Industry under the slogan “Encouraging the national product, improving quality and promoting the health benefit of the consumer.”

In the workshop, Al-Dorra stressed the necessity of integrating roles between government bodies and the private sector in the framework of encouraging the national products.

The minister called on the media outlets, preachers and community organizations to promote consumer culture towards the use of compound flour or local grains.

Meanwhile, Minister of Planning Abdul Aziz Al-Komaim pointed out that Yemen achieved self-sufficiency in food crops in the 1960s, especially grains, pointing to the importance of the workshop in spreading awareness and promoting the correct consumption patterns for Yemeni society on the local products.