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Victims of torture in UAE secret prisons in Aden suffer disabilities, distortions

ADEN, Aug. 14 (YPA) – Activists on social media on Thursday shared a photo of one of the torture victims in the secret prisons run by the UAE in the port city of Aden, southern Yemen.

Activists confirmed that the kidnapped Saeed Arif Saeed Moqbel Julijel, from Shabwa province, is still in a permanent disability due to the brutal torture he was subjected to by an Emirati officer named Matar, who calls himself “Hitler” in Waddah Hall, which has turned into a secret detention facility in Aden.

They explained that Julijel, who was subjected to electrical shocking and ironing, is still in critical condition, since his release four years ago, and his family has showed him to various doctors in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Hundreds of abductees from the southern provinces, in the secret prisons of the “Southern Transitional Council” militias funded by the UAE, are subjected to various types of torture, including sexual assaults, amid demands for their release for the fifth year in a row.