YEMEN Press Agency

Child dies in Aden after being shot by STC militia

ADEN, Aug. 1 (YPA) – Manal Omar Hussein Ali, a little girl, died on Saturday from serious injuries she sustained after being shot by militias of the so-called Southern Transitional Council in the occupied province of Aden, southern Yemen.

Local sources and activists said that the girl was wounded when the STC’s militias fired live bullets at the house of the southern military leader Ali al-Badawi in Sheikh Othman district on Friday.

The STC militias raided ad dawn on Friday the home of al-Badawi, a battalion commander at the “10th Amaliqa Brigade” in al-Saila neighborhood in the district, where he refused to surrender and clashed with the militia force.

Media sources indicated that Al-Badawi was injured in the confrontations and the STC militia were unable to arrest him, adding that the militia force raided the Doctors Without Borders Hospital in search of him, but they did not find him there.