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“Riyadh Agreement” is conspiracy: Sheikh al-Harizi of Mahra

MAHRA, July 25 (YPA) – Former undersecretary of Mahra province Sheikh Ali al-Harizi on Saturday confirmed that the province’s tribes would not submit to the so-called “legitimacy” (Hadi’s government) and Saudi-led coalition, if the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) is treated as a partner.

“We do not trust the Riyadh Agreement, and anything that comes out of Riyadh is a conspiracy,” said Sheikh al-Harisi, who is a leading member in the Mahra Peaceful Sit-In opposing Saudi-Emirati occupation, in an interview with Al-Jazeera channel.

Al-Harizi added that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are leading a conspiracy in Mahra, and they are racing against time to achieve it.

He explained that the STC moves in Mahra would only take place except by a Saudi-Emirati approval, and held Saudi Arabia and the UAE responsible for what will happen in Mahra as a result of the STC escalation in the province.