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Sanaa refuses Griffiths’ circumvent to prevent fall of Marib

SANAA, July 10 (YPA) – UN’s special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths has returned empty-handed from Oman to Jordan, after representatives of Ansarullah movement refused to receive him or receive his new initiative.

This refusal is due to Griffiths biased performance in the recent period, and the latest pictures of which was covering up the crime of holding oil derivatives ships coming to Hodeidah.

It seems that Sanaa decided to continue closing its doors in the face of the UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, whose performance in the recent period was marked by a clear bias alongside the Saudi-led aggression coalition.

This comes after a long period of openness that included even the top leaders of “Ansarullah Movement”, in a precedent that has not happened until the appointment of Griffith as a successor to Ismael Ould Sheikh Ahmed in February of 2018.

The National Salvation Government, in its meetings with Griffiths, showed great positivity and flexibility, but the UN envoy, instead of meeting the outstretched hand with another like it, is still trying to use the concessions made by Sanaa to push towards gains for the “coalition”.

From here, Ansarullah decided to refuse to receive Griffiths, and even its delegation in Muscat – headed by its spokesperson Mohammed Abdulsalam – has refused to receive him, despite the mediation of the Omani leadership in this, which forced the man to return to his office in Jordan.

In recent months, the UN envoy adopted a position completely biased towards the Saudi side. In his briefings before the Security Council, he deliberately obscured the Kingdom’s responsibility for what Yemen is witnessing, describing the war there as a “civil war”, and he did not refrain from expressing gratitude and praise to Riyadh for its alleged “humanitarian and relief initiatives”.

In the same direction, the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, who participated in a polishing campaign for the image of the Saudi regime, marched after accepting the holding of “Yemen Donors Conference 2020” (June) in Riyadh, as if the latter were innocent of the blood of Yemenis and their suffering.

Thus, Guterres contributed – as seen by “Ansarullah” – to “ridiculous attempts by the criminal to beautify his hideous face”, before he completed his mission in the middle of last month to remove Saudi Arabia from the blacklist of child killers.

Army and popular committees are preparing for the decisive battle in the course of restoring Marib city

Griffiths’ latest initiative, which he intended to present to “Ansarullah” after handing a copy of it to the government of the outgoing President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, seems only a try to circumvent the field developments that made the Yemeni army and popular committees close to or less than control of the entire eastern front.

The new initiative includes items not previously dealt with, and it also responds to many of the time-bend demands of Sanaa leadership, which have always been ignored. It calls for “a ceasefire, with the cessation of all air, sea and land offensive operations, including the redeployment of forces, heavy and medium weapons.”

The draft initiative provides for the resumption of the political process as soon as possible to put an end to the war, calling for lifting of restrictions (imposed by the coalition) on the entry of merchant ships and oil derivatives ships, and resuming of pumping oil from Marib city (east) to Hodeidah (west), in addition to re-opening of Sanaa International Airport, releasing all detainees in accordance with the Stockholm Agreement. ”

It is worth mentioning, here, that the approval of the Saudi side to transfer oil from Marib, which is under its control, to the port of Ras Issa, which is under the control of the Salvation Government, is confused, in recognition of the inability to stop the advance of the army and committees towards the city of Marib, and an attempt to remedy inevitable large field and economic losses.

Despite the apparent positives contained in the modified Griffiths initiative, Ansarullah refused even to hold a meeting to review it.

This is due to the loss of any indication of the sincerity of intentions and seriousness in the recent offer. Because, if these two elements were available, the fuel ships held by the coalition off Jizan port more than three months ago despite obtaining the UN necessary licenses, would have been released, and the air bombing escalation, which peaked in recent days, had stopped..

Hence, “Ansarullah movement” believes that the new initiative is aimed at saving the “coalition”, which failed to prevent the army and the popular committees from reaching the outskirts of the city of Marib.

In light of the Saudi side’s insistence on the policy of fraud, Sanaa is proceeding with its preparations for the final and decisive battle to restore the city, in coordination with its tribes.


Translated by YPA